Download PUBG - NEW MAP: LIVIK APK, and OBB SD card data.

From, you can download the latest version of PUBG APK, and OBB data at blazing fast speeds. Please beware that we donot offer any mods or hacks, only original files are available for you to download.

APK (54MB) OBB (1.8GB)

Last updated: July 07, 2020

Version 0.19.0 (13900)
APK Size 54MB
OBB Size 1.8G

PUBG Mobile APK & OBB Data

PUBG Mobile is the best battle royale game available for Android and other platforms. APK file of PUBG is the installation package of this game for Android OS. Just like an .exe file of a software for Windows, APK is the equivalent of that for Android OS.

Due to restrictions imposed by Google Play Store, and due to the Android game and app development standards, an APK file cannot be too large. So additional data like graphics etc. of a game or an app go into the OBB file. You can think of it as a part of the main APK file that contains the additional data.

About PUBG Soldiers


PUBG Screenshots - Courtesy PUBG Official Google Play Page is a fan-maintained repository of Android APK files for PUBG Mobile action game. For now, we host and offer the download of only APK and SD card OBB data. But in near future, we will serve the download of PUBG game for other platforms too.

Where PUBG Mobile is an awesome game to play, it is also a fact that it is getting bigger day by day. The installation package is at a whopping 1.7GB. According to PUBG support, the high-quality graphics are responsible for this huge size, and that's true. We have seen a lot of Android users complaining about this huge size.

If you are among the users who are not able to download PUBG Mobile's huge data due to a slower or unstable connection, we will solve your problem permanently.

Additional Download Options

PUBG Highly Compressed Download

We offer the compressed ZIP file of PUBG Mobile in addition to the general OBB file. That should save you some MBs of data and you should be able to download it faster as compared to the normal OBB file. The compressed ZIP files brings you a 3% reduction to the original OBB size.

Download PUBG Compressed ZIP File (1.6G)

PUBG Multi-part Download

This might be the way to go for you. We have created multi-part ZIP files of PUBG OBB data file, and each file comes in a few hundred MBs. You can download the multi-part archives separately, and then you can unzip them on your device to get the original OBB file back.

Hint: You can use a free app like 7Zipper to unzip the downloaded split ZIP files.

If your internet keeps breaking and doesn't allow you to download the OBB data file using a single download link, here are our multi-part download links. Please beware that you might face difficulties in joining the files if you aren't a techie guy, so this should be your last resort.

Download Part 1 (15MB)
Download Part 2 (201MB)
Download Part 3 (200MB)
Download Part 4 (200MB)
Download Part 5 (200MB)
Download Part 6 (200MB)
Download Part 7 (200MB)
Download Part 8 (200MB)
Download Part 9 (200MB)

How to install PUBG APK and OBB Data?

Installing the game from Google Play Store is easy, but if you are new to install PUBG Mobile using the APK file and OBB expansion files manually, here are the instructions.

Download APK & OBB Data:

We have provided you multiple options to download the APK file, and the OBB expansion file. Download the APK file, and the OBB data file to your mobile phone, or transfer the files to your mobile phone from your PC if you used your PC to download the files.

Install the APK File:

Simply open the APK file on your Android phone, and follow the instructions to install PUBG Mobile. If you aren't able to install the game using the APK file, ensure that you have enabled Unknown Sources in your device's security settings.

Copy the OBB Data:

First of all, raname the OBB file to Please note that you need to use the current version code in file name. If the version has updated, you need to use the actual version code. Current version code is 12600, but it will change for new versions.

Now you have renamed the OBB data file, you need to navigate to /Android/obb directory on your device's storage or on SD card storage if you are using SD card for data storage. In obb directory, create a new directory com.tencent.ig and copy the OBB file there.

That's it! Now launch PUBG Mobile game on your device, give it some time so it will locate and load the OBB file, and you are good to play the game within a couple of minutes. Enjoy!!!!

Installation Summary

Here is the summary to download and install PUBG Mobile using the APK file, and OBB SD Card expansion data.

  1. Download APK file, and OBB data from the download links
  2. Install the game using APK file by allowing unknown sources
  3. Create a directory called com.tencent.ig in /Android/obb/ path
  4. Rename OBB file to main.{versionCode}.com.tencent.ig.obb
  5. Move the file to /Android/obb/com.tencent.ig/
  6. Launch PUBG Mobile and start playing it!!!
That's it. We hope you found these instructions easy to follow. Enjoy the game on the go and share our website on your social networks to help others if this helped you.

Recent Seasons


The current season 14 (New Map: LIVIK) has made the game even more entertaining. Some new graphics and maps are there that will renew your excitement if you were bored fighting in the old maps.

PUBG Mobile Mad Miramar:

The season 13 (Mad Miramar) has brought a lot of improvements to the game. Here is a brief list of the features and improvements that the latest version has brought.

  • Additional map resources have been added
  • Graphics' quality has been improved further
  • A desert track has been introduced
  • A sandstorm is coming up to bring more challenge
  • A 20 player Cheer Park where you can roast chicken and enjoy
  • A new bluehole mode is there for you to try

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